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The power of stone and the Zodiac, (Part ll).

The power of stone and the Zodiac, (Part ll).

stone_topazThere is a wide spectrum of action on physical and spiritual aspect. It acts with a great power in the stomach and digestive organs. It activates the glands, regulates the verjuice and blood cells and helps in cases of anemia and leukemia. It strengthens the optimism and spirituality.

It has a big influence on stress, removes depression and helps the psyche to find true love. It is used both raw and manufactured as hand stones and jewelry. It should be emptied only with running warm water, and it is recommended to keep it in a bottle of water during the night. It should be avoid the contact with perfume, soap and verjuice. If it changes the color still have to go to the doctor for a checkup. It is filled in a container with mountain crystal.

Topaz is a stone with the quality of a half-pearl stone, which can be yellow, white, pink or any other color. It is a protector of love, loyalty and success at work. In the Middle Ages topaz in most cases was adorned with gold and was put around the neck, because it was believed to protect from magic, insomnia, problems with the throat and tonsils. In the East it was believed that with the help of topaz it was possible for astral orders to be accepted. Sagittarius can carry this stone meanwhile Virgo and Pisces can’t because it is very dangerous for them.


Turquoise, the half-pearl in a wonderful blue color, in the West symbolizes Jupiter (green) or Venus (blue). Its name comes from the east (Turkey). Turks, as good knights, have considered it as their talisman, because they believed that it protected the horses and knights in their long journeys. It was considered that it protected the rulers from bad influences. In Mexico turquoise was appreciated as an extraordinary stone.

Their God of fire was called “God of turquoise” (Xiuhtecutli). Blue turquoise symbolized the unity of celestial fire (the Sun) with the fire of earth. It was also believed that it protected from jealousy and witchcraft. It is interesting that turquoise does not look nice at all the people: in some people it loses its brightness and color. It was said that turquoise, can poison the person who carries it by changing the color. It looks better when it is adorned with gold. It brings luck especially to Taurus, but it is not unfortunate for any particular sign. Its power strengthened if transferred sapphire.


It helps the diseases of the throat and respiratory system. It strengthens the immunity and creates harmony in the functions of the organs; strengthens the glands and blood circulation, nourishes muscles and keeps the nerves in elastic condition. It protects teeth, curs the impotence and gives strength and security to psyche. It is used both raw and manufactured. Ornament, and hand stone are the most common forms in which it is used.

Elixir is used when we want to strengthen the body quickly and to restore its strength. It is cleaned once a month in dry container. In case of a change of color it should be emptied immediately. It is filled in the presence of the mountainous crystal and copper pieces. It should not be exposed to the sun, because turquoise is sensitive to heat, soap and verjuice. Silver helps pretty much the healing character of turquoise.

For this particular sign the lucky stone is Garnet, the dark red stone with the quality of a half-pearl. It is a symbol of loyalty and quality which Capricorn appreciates in particular. Romans, Greeks and Egyptians have valued it as a dominant stone; stone which brings strength, power and loyalty. Garnets are believed to protect the general human health condition and that specifically it doesn’t allow falling into melancholy and depression. His magical qualities are expressed through the change of color in the way that its owner can be warned for the subsequent disaster. It brings luck to Aquarius, but not to Taurus and Scorpions.


Formula: Fe3All22 (SiO4) 3, silicate.
Strength: 7 – 7.5.
Locations: Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Madagascar, Canada, South Africa.

It is one of the most important healing crystals. It strengthens the heart, heart rate and blood pressure, strengthens blood circulation and stimulates the production of white blood cells. It protects against anemia and leukemia, acts in sexual organs (aphrodisiac), strengthens bones, helps arthritis and rheum. In psyche affects us as a defender of true friendship. It is used both as raw and manufactured in the form of adorn, and hand stone. It is regularly emptied (3-4 times per month) under running warm water, then it is exposed to the sun, but only for a short time. If the stone changes color, it should be emptied only when the reason for this change is determined. For example, the problems with the partner almost cause black color, which returns to normal color, red or maroon only when the problems that caused the color change don’t exist anymore.

Amethyst, the very demanding half-pearl, with a wonderful pink color, and sometimes with blue, is a symbol of modesty and purifier of the soul. Since ancient times and almost up to nowadays it is considered to protect from being drunk (in Greek: a-methysios means “not drunk”). In 1853 Edward Morike wrote in his book “History of beauty” that the man that had drunk very quickly becomes completely clear; so many people, clergymen or ordinary people have had the habit to carry a ring with precious stones. Ancient Greeks believed that the person who carried it would not be drunk. For thousands of years it has been carried to the bishop’s ring and generally for the decorations of high personalities.

Traditionally, the amethyst is the lovers gemstone. If it is put in silk it protects against headache. Also, it was considered to protect against poisoning and witchcraft. It responds to all the signs without exception.


Formula: SiO2, flint.
Strength: 7.
Locations: Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Namibia, Zambia.

Since the ancient times it is known as the stone that helps headaches and migraines. It has a lot of qualities. It helps in menstrual problems, reinforces memory, regulates blood pressure and is good against hypertrophy. It calms the nerves and heart, protects from magic and evil forces, and turns the evil thoughts into optimism. It possesses pleasant impulses to life satisfaction and friendship, as well as the ability of the prophesying in solving problems. It offers the highest degree of tranquility, warmth and harmony in meditation.

It is used in different ways, raw and manufactured. At the same time elixir is made from it. It is advised that an elaborated piece of amethyst be put in a cup of 2 deciliters and be left there during all the night and be drunk in the morning. Elixir has shown good results to the regulation of excrement. It improves the hair growth and skin purifier. It is emptied in the running water every 15-20 days for about 3-5 minutes. It should not be filled in the sun.

Aquamarine responds to Pisces as it is a sign of water. This excellent pearl has taken its name from two Latin words: water and the sea, because its blue-green reminds the color of the sea. It is believed that aquamarine brings harmony and happiness in marriage, so this is a good choice for an engagement ring. It is lucky even for the Scorpions. It is also good for Aquarius, but not for Leo which should avoid it.


It specifically affects the aspiratory system such as asthma, bronchitis, lung disease, colds and allergies. It protect is from the calcification of the arteries. It reduces depression and strengthens awareness. In marriage it helps to grow the love and loyalty. It is often used both raw and manufactured in forms of necklaces, chains and hand stone. It is emptied in running warm water, and filled in the sun.

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