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The power of stone and the Zodiac, (Part l)

The power of stone and the Zodiac, (Part l)

Many civilizations have considered that the stone is a symbol of divine power… In prehistoric times the stone has served as a tool and as a weapon. Numerous myths have taught us how some divine creatures were born from stone. In the East, the stone marked the presence of the divinity and people bowed in font of it with the use of oil and blood. Thus, the altar is made from the stone. The stone that has fallen from the sky is different from the others and is often related to the divine, the black color, the moon, femininity, or generally with the motherhood. Such is the case with the black stone, which is admired in Pesinonci, in Frigi, like the great Goddess Chibelle. A similar black stone is found inside the Kaaba in Mecca (​​ not to forget that Islam is a religion with much emphasized lunar symbolism).

In Greek mythology the stone presents God as the greatest among all Gods, Hronos or Saturn, who has lived with the fear that one of his children will be cast out from the throne, as his father Uranus, had prophesied. For this reason he had eaten his children immediately after they were born. However, his wife Rea, in order to save Zeus, had wrapped a stone in swaddling clothes and had given it to Hronos for dinner. It had remained the legendary history: when Zeus was grown he had come to dethrone his father.

Precious or semi-precious stone has its role in the Zodiac. We will start from the diamond, the pearl which traditionally linked to the sign of Aries. 

Diamond1Diamond is the protector of those who are born under the sign of Aries. Diamond is a white or light blue precious and shining stone and is traditionally considered as a symbol of purity and virginity. According to the legend, it protects the person that bears it on the left side of the body. Also, it is believed that the diamond strengthens the loyalty among two lovers. Here is to search the reason why it is encountered so often in the engagement ring. Ancient Romans believed that the diamond brings luck to the fighter. That is why they take it as a talisman. However, this precious stone has often led to disasters, especially those who have greatly coveted it.

If the diamond is a gift, or expression of loyalty and love, it never brings misfortune. It brings luck, strength and protects the Aries from evil. The best choice for Aires is to carry both diamond and sapphire, because the beneficial action of the two stones grows. Otherwise sapphire is a light blue pearl, which brings luck and love. It is told how once the sapphire had lost the brightness and color when it was stolen from the Turkey’s famous treasure! Most valuable sapphires are those with the color of the sky, but they can be even purple, yellow, pink or blue. In ancient times, it was believed that it protected from the magicians. In the Middle Ages it was used as a talisman for eye diseases.

Diamond as a health care!

Diamond is the protector of the soul. It helps the clear and independent thought.

It has a preventive action to heart diseases, kidneys, even in advanced stages of the disease. Elixir dissolves the stones in the kidneys and in the gall. It helps for the diseases of the stomach, intestines, bone diseases, headaches, spinal cord problems, leukemia and stimulates glands. It is used for rehabilitation, healing the wounds in head and in other organs. Reinforces the will during different treatments and helps to give up smoking. Crystal needs neither emptying nor filling, because it is a clean energy.

emeraldThe pearl called emerald corresponds to the zodiacal sign of Taurus…

Emerald is a symbol of wisdom and immortality. In ancient times it had the attribute of “followers of storms” and of the force to help the release of prisoners. Its green color is a symbol of water, fertile rain (blue emeralds were dedicated to Venus). It is said that in spring, when everything blooms, it doubles the activity.

Medieval legends say that Emerald, in fact, comes from hell, from Lucifer’s crowns and for this reason is able to overcome demonic powers. Today, Emerald is recommended to young children, who suffer from restless sleep, to put under the tongue. In Christian symbolism Emerald represents the “faith and hope”.

This shining green pearl is also a symbol of constant generosity, truth and destiny for all those who belong to Taurus. Manufactured and smooth emerald had the power to turn the seeing. It is said, that Nero used it during the wars of gladiators in order to see better.


This stone, which since ancient times is described to have extraordinary powers, is good aphrodisiac. It helps with Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, schizophrenia, paranoia and psychosis. Protects against infections, heart diseases, and anemia and regulates the pressure. Elixir is often used mainly to various inflammations, problems with the spinal cord, bones, muscles and rheum. It gives harmony and balance to Psyche. Considering the price it is not used much in crystal-therapy, even though it is a stone with extraordinary strength. It is used both raw and manufactured. Once a month it should be cleaned under water flow, and, given the fact that it is a solid stone, we can leave it in contact with Ruby, or mountain crystals in a container without water during the night, because they give a new force to it.

agatesThe defender stone of this sign is agate…

It is a stone with the quality of a half pearl, the mystical values of which have brought long life to those who have taken it, especially to Gemini. In ancient times it was believed that agate brought eloquence (talent in the field of oratory) and protect from headaches. Also, it was believed that it removed the tiredness of the eyes and protected from skin diseases. In most cases it is oval and, as ancient Romans believed, brought wealth. In order to enhance the strength of e agate, gypsies carried also hrizophraze, another lucky stone for Gemini. Virgo and Pisces should never carry agate.

There are two types of agates: agate and agate covered with moss.


It reduces pain, helps with throat problems and respiratory system. There is wide range of action. During pregnancy it protects the mother and the child, facilitates childbirth. It protects the psyche from depression. It is used mainly manufactured in the form of strap earrings and hand stone. It is emptied once a week under the flow of warm water for 3 – 5 minutes, and it is filled in the sun for 1 – 2 two hours.

Agate covered with moss

It affects the pancreas and produces insulin, which regulates blood sugar, metabolism, filters the kidneys and spleen. It adds stability to viruses and mushrooms. It operates relatively slowly, so it is recommended to open with the mountainous crystal. It is used mainly manufactured in the form of hand stone. This stone is cleaned regularly with warm water after use, and is filled in the sun or near a mountainous crystal.

Ruby is one of the most precious jewels. In ancient time it was related to the planet Mars due to its red color. Hildegard Binge (1098-1179) said that “the air demons can not make their terrible deeds and can not stay in the same place where the ruby is. Because of this, ruby has the capacity to put all diseases away from the human body “… Because of its red color it was considered that ruby removes melancholy and nightmares.

In old books can be read also that ruby protect sailors from ship breaking. Also, it symbolizes imperial mercy, sensual love and the principle of vitality. In “Apocalypse” by St. John the Divine perfection was compared with the “diamond” and Ruby. Ruby is a symbol of freedom, dignity and magical force. In addition, it is the protector of love and freedom. It gives strength to lost love.

The old thought that ruby does not allow submission to the trials and stabilizes the mental health. It is believed that it protects against rheumatism. It shines when the owner becomes ill, or when a disaster occurs. Catherine of Aragon was warned to change her imperial position, relying on the position of its ruby color change. Frequent examples have come from the Far East (Mandalay, India) and are called “tears of Buddha”.

rubyRuby is a shining pearl, and its color varies from pink to dark red.

It has almost magical force to blood, creating blood and blood vessels. It activates the liver, regulates blood sugar, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, protects against anemia and leukemia, eases menstrual problems and regulates blood pressure. Elixir is a good aphrodisiac and increases the body strength. It is used raw or manufactured. It is emptied in running water twice a month, and after emptying it should be put in the sun for about two hours in order to be filled.

sardonyx1The protective stone for Leo is Sardonyx...

This beautiful red stone with the quality of a half pearl protects the courage, virtues and strength. It is a marriage protector. It was believed that if the bride carried this stone on the day of her marriage, she would have a happy marriage. Also it brings popularity, and was believed to protect from blindness and insect bites. Romans also used it for brooches.


Through straps it affects the nervous system. It helps to regulate the function of glands, especially the defensive glands. It protects the throat, aspiratory system and lungs from infection. It cures jaundice, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and calms the heart. It brings luck in the game of love. The change of white lines is an indicator of liver illness. It is used only as a hand stone. It is emptied every ten days in running water, and must often be left in the sun in order to be filled. Rhyolite is a protective stone of this sign. It is a symbol of luck and loyalty. In the ancient times it served to chase the spirits and ensure deep sleep. When someone took it the day it brought literary or poetic inspiration.

Opal is a lucky stone only for Libra. However, it must be said that the ancient world did not fear its curse. On the contrary, it was called the stone of hope. The feature of this half-pearl stone is that it shines even though it is not perforated. In the East for a long it is believed that it seeing and memory. In order to demonstrate its, the saint touched his patients with opal stone.

opalOpal should not be put in the box of jewelry or glasses, because that way it would lose its shining, beauty and its magnetic capabilities.


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