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The planets

The_planetsAll planets occupy certain positions in Zodiac, regulated by different speeds of their orbits. They affect our lives directly, in all the actions that we do. The Sun is a planet that doesn’t move. Others such as: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, create positions and relations with the passing of time. Each planet influences on a group of phenomena, except on a designated sector of human behavior. According to the position in which the planet is, this influence will take different features, needed to involve an individual’s personality, giving the reasons for his behavior and giving us information about his future. The character, but also the different moments of the evolution of life, is data obtained from the correlation between signs and planets.

The Sun personalizes the essence of the man, his personality. It also represents active egos of the individual behavior. The sun is the basis of character and the will, which expresses the potential energy we have, creativity, taking a position in life and generally provides the size of an individual. The solar virtues: honesty, courage, risk contempt, generosity. These could easily turn into: deception, pride, arrogance and authoritarianism. In natal topics, the Sun represents a male figure, even though its symbolic value is influenced by the position of the other planets. In the human body, the Sun is identified on the right side of the body, or heart. His home sign is the lion.

The Moon has a feminine and maternal image, represents self receiver, emotional contact with the surrounding world. Moon corresponds to childhood and has strong links with maternal lap. It defines the childlike mentality, the lack of experience and negligence. On one side it is an element of uncertainty and conservatism, on the other hand it is an element of surprise and unspecified reactions, but also of imagination and adaptability to the environment. In the Natal sphere the Moon represents the woman. It is a necessary component to intelligence, which, if it is in a wrong position, it can create irritability and other forms of nervous instability. In the human body, the Moon is identified in the breast area and the left side of the body. The union between Sun-Moon has always symbolized the binomial male-female, which means reality and dream, light and darkness. His home sign is Cancer.

It is the nearest with the Sun. In astrology Mercury represents the contact with the outside world. So, this planet symbolizes intelligence, intellectual perception associated with cunning, skill and calculation. It also gives a holistic perspective of things, which allows a sense of humor and a division from the passion which favors the critical sense, the opposition and the capacity of eligibility. By adjusting the hearing and voice, Mercury controls the exchange of ideas and technical instruments that favor the telecommunication such as press, phone etc. It has influence on the trade, science and literature fields. Mercury corresponds with adolescence, his impatience and with mental reflexes readiness. In the natal sphere, Mercury represents the brothers, children and new husband. In physical terms, it represents the nerves, lungs, eardrum and ear itself. His home signs are Gemini and Virgo.

Venus has always symbolized love, feeling contact with the outside world, which means the beginning of the social suitability of the individual: on the one hand, the capacity to love, warmth and intensity of the feelings and sensitivity, on the other hand, sense of appearance, artistic transformations, taste of beauty and happiness. From here it is developed the personal attraction, the chance of success in love, the desire for peace, happiness and harmony around them. The desire to go well with others is an element of Venus. In the natal sphere that represents the help of fate and health protection. Physical body regulates metabolism and kidney functions and corresponding ovals. Its main focus is on Libra, but it stays under the sign of Taurus.

Mars is considered the ruling planet of Aries, and for some astrologers even of Scorpions. Mars is associated with secrecy, aggression, energy, ambition and incontinence. Mars is the ruler of the first and the eighth house. Before Pluto was discovered, Mars was considered as the planet which dominated the sign of Scorpions. Whereas traditional astrologers refer to Mars as the only dominant of this sign. In Chinese astrology, Mars is dominated by the fire element, which represents the passion, energy and adventures. Even in Indian astrology this planet represents energy, confidentiality and ego.

Jupiter is the largest planet of the solar system. Its influence has a cumulative character. In fact, it expresses the happy integration in life. It symbolizes the joy of living, social inclusion and justice soul. Words, language processing, euphoria and material satisfaction, and the desire for peace and stability depend on Jupiter. Tradition connects Jupiter with wealth and fortune, self-confidence and personal attraction, which leads the way to success in the trade world and personal happiness, too. From Jupiter, derive qualities, such as: sympathy, ease of conversation, the quality of belief and desire to persuade. As a source of life and justice, this planet represents the force in Natal area, being the connector between the individual and the surrounding world. It can be presented as less human and stubborn in the negative position. Jupiter physically corresponds to the tongue, mouth, eyes and regulates blood circulation. The home sign of Jupiter is Sagittarius, whereas the basic one is Pisces.

For a long time Saturn has been considered as the holder of the curses. It is known as the storage and concentration of all energies in itself, which means that it represents the rational integration in life, the evaluation of each situation, managing better the individual protection. Saturn is the personification of an impossible friendship. It fails to maintain social relations, but there is a great spiritual strength and determination, moral courage and intelligence in it. Negatively, distrust and pessimism urge it to take action, prompting it into a calculated ambition, insensitivity and lack of compassion. For a long time Saturn has been known as the bearer of bad fortune. In fact even traditions relate it to the bad fortune. Materially Saturn represents old age, time of loneliness and abandonment by many things. In the body it corresponds to the human skeleton, teeth and liver. Its primary home sign is Capricorn, while the basic one is Aquarius.

Uranus is the last planet that can do laps around the sun within the arc of a human life. He does this for 84 years. Uranus is the primary force that creates, destroys and obliges. The survival on specific conditions (like Saturn) depends on it and so its influence is unexpected, uncertain, representing an impulse to act in urgent cases. Uranus represents the unexpected events, the immediate direction changes and the removal from the convictions. Seeing its capacity to achieve a goal, with willingness and aptitude, Uranus is the planet of the technique, in all ways. It is associated with manual skill and technical and engineering applications. Regarding to the anatomy it corresponds with the hands. Its home sign is Aquarius, while the basic one is Capricorn. Uranus and Saturn are considered, by modern astrologers, to be the ruler of the 11th house.

Before Neptune was discovered (in 1846), Jupiter was considered as the dominant of Pisces. Nowadays lots of modern astrologers consider Jupiter as a planet which dominates this sign together with Neptune. But, there are others who consider that Neptune does not dominate any specific sign. In modern astrology, Neptune is considered to dominate the 12th house together with Jupiter. Neptune symbolizes the salt water of the sea and oceans, and in the human body represents the life of excrement, amniotic fluid and regulates immunity. Neptune takes 165 years to go around the sun. This planet is considered to be the inspirer of people to travel to remote areas, both geographical and spiritual. So, it represents the unknown, fantasy, etc. However, this planet has an impact on the way the human think and on some negative features that can go up to schizophrenia.

The role and symbolism of Pluto have been implemented only in modern astrology. Pluto, discovered in 1930, as well as the other slow planets, operates at a deeper level. It regulates the secret forces, which are based on the pleasure and displeasure of man to himself. This planet is considered to be a symbol of masculine principles. It represents the capacity to put the power of creation that each person has within himself into practice, then the quality of the rebuilt after a crisis, but also the will to dominate, the ambition for power and influence on the measure. Pluto needs 248 years to cross the path around the Sun. Its primary home sign is Scorpions. Modern astrologers consider Pluto and Mars to be co-dominant of the eighth house.

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