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Numerology: One Is The Loneliest Number?

Numerology: One Is The Loneliest Number?

Number 1For people who have the number one life path in numerology, there is a continual theme for self-reliance, personal fulfillment, and an individualism that is unmatched by other number life paths. One is a number of new starts, which builds up in experience up to numbers of completion, such as 9 and 10.

One is all about individuation, independence, and pioneering in the way they relate to the world. At times, you may be challenged to value your true pioneering spirit. You are a true individual who is creation-oriented. If you find yourself stuck in a position where you cannot live your life as you please, under your terms, then you would likely feel suffocated and miserable.

Getting it right is something that the one seeks. They may take a while to find their path to realizing such freedom and enjoyment of their true independent personality. It means that while you look around and see other people pairing off into couplehood and marriage, or into lifeless jobs that will easily allow them to retire after 50 years sitting in the same chair, that is not your path.

You would not be happy like that and therefore need to take the focus off of such a life path. Achieving independence and then taking on leadership roles are both more in line with your way of being in the world.

Many corporate officers and politicos share the number one life path. You flourish wherever you are able to lead and provide company direction in a manner in keeping with your special creative spirit.

Knowing yourself and accepting no less than true freedom give you the power to lead confidently.

It is a number of strength and courage. On the lower side spiritually the challenge of being too selfish and carrying an air of overconfidence and superiority may always rear their heads for the one life path person.

Approach life with more balance. While you may be right, it is better to nurture relationships and keep the peace even if you just let the other person believe they are right. Sometimes maintaining relationships will work more to your advantage than burning bridges.

Being independent is a must and once achieved it is important to be a responsible leader. Eye a healthy independence to overcome the struggles of the one life path successfully. Enjoy independence and freedom once you overcome your own personal challenges.

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