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Nostradamus – the largest predictor of the world

Nostradamus – the largest predictor of the world

HoroscopeSpaceSince the publication of “Les Propheties” book, which is published and republished many times since his death, Nostradamus has attracted the attention of almost all the people who follow the cult. His many enthusiasts, and the press, too, compliment him for the prediction of a broad range of major events that have marked developments during the past centuries.

Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame) was born on December 14, 1503, in St. Remy, in France and died on July 2, 1566. He was educated in Avignon where he studied philosophy, grammar and rhetoric. Apart from these he studied classical literature, medicine, history and astrology. In the sixteenth century there was an epidemic fever in France. At this time Nostradamus was recognized as a skilled doctor, who fought against this mysterious illness with all the strength he possessed and had a great success. In the fight against this disease he used as the main tool, the application of personal hygiene and large doses of vitamin C.

When he entered in infected village, first he required the removal of dead bodies from the streets. He recommended the patients to have as much clean air as possible, clean water and medicines. Later, at the time of a serious epidemic fever, Nostradamus suffered a serious family tragedy. Even though he tried very hard to save the lives of his wife and his two children, they died.

Very desperate from his family tragedy, Nostradamus began to have doubt for his medical capabilities. For the next six years he went up and down the streets of Europe without any target. Going through the darkest period of his life, he, for the first time, began to observe the ability he had to predict the future. Fever outbreak in Aix, the capital city of Provansa, for nine consecutive months, made Nostradamus healing the infected people and save as many lives as possible.

After the disappearance of fever, he was rewarded by the people who ruled the city of Aix with a life pension. Ten years after the death of his wife and children, Nostradamus went to Salon and got married again. From the second marriage he had three daughters and three sons. Nostradamus turned the second floor of the house into a laboratory (astrolaboratory), where he had different tools he needed to do his truck and his predictions.

In this way, he made himself have strange visions, which later began to write down. For several years Nostradamus thought about the possibility to publish his preaching or not. Finally in 1550, for the first time he published his almanac of prophecies, which consisted of twelve parts of four lines later called “verses”. Each stanza contained basic preaching for the coming year. Almanac was welcomed from the readers. This encouraged Nostradamus to continue his work. He continued to publish the almanac every following year.

Nostradamus began to write his most famous work, “The Centuries”, in 1554, until he wrote ten volumes of 100 verses. Centuries I – IV, were published in Lyon in 1555, while the remaining three parts a little later, in 1558 in limited copies, which he gave to particular people. His work “The centuries” was republished continuously during the last 400 years of human history.

At the time of publication, even nowadays, Nostradamus’s prophecies have been evaluated and criticized. French, Slavic, Greek, Latin and Italian word combinations were written so enigmatic, like puzzles, word games, anagrams and epigrams. For their interpretation one must have great knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Since the publication of the works of Nostradamus’s in the sixteenth century until the present day, a great number of researchers have been fascinated by his works and have tried to understand and decipher them.

His sermons are numerous and many of them have not been interpreted yet. For the ignorant, Nostradamus was a devilish creature. He continues to be praised and damned by philosophers. Poets remain confused by the meaning of his wild verses. The interpretation is open to all. No one is able to interpret correctly any of the Nostradamus’ prophecies about our future, apart from the prophecies. This is an open area to individuals and special studies.

Perhaps this was the intention. Those which are interpreted are interpreted as events that have occurred and they never served to avoid a certain event. Nostradamus had a clear mind up to the end of his life. Before he died, exactly the last night, when his assistant said him good night, the French preacher said good night too and confessed that the next morning he would wake up dead.

And so it was. Nostradamus died on July 1, 1566. He was buried in vertical position (standing) because that was his supreme will. This French preacher since the XVI century has foreseen the majority of world events. Some of his predictions made real are: 1. The escape of Ludovik XVI in Warren, 2. Revolution in France, Russia, 3. Two world wars, 4. The war in Afghanistan, 5.

AIDS epidemic, 6. Throwing the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 7. The assassination of Kennedy, 8. The fall of the Berlin Wall, 9. Major German Holocaust and Nazi terror, etc. He also predicted the end of the world. According to him, the tragedy in New York was a pretext to start the third world war, where will start the war between Muslims and Christians. According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, the initiator for this will be the third antichrist, whom he calls “Mabus”. He comes from the Middle East. First two Antichrists are decoded, as Napoleon and Hitler.

For the third it was thought it is Saddam Hussein, but now there are also opinions that it might be Osama Bin Laden. Nostradamus has foreseen the tragedy of September 11 in New York, with his range: “In the ninth month of the year, in the new century, a great King of Terror will come from the sky. The sky will burn up to 45 degrees. Fire will approach the new city. “

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