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Mayan Zodiac:The Jaguar & The Dog

Mayan Zodiac:The Jaguar & The Dog


Tradition: According to the Maya priests, Jaguar is the symbol of capacity and the uncontrollable courage to cope with things successfully. It represents the individual who is able to take any kind of risk.

Character: The people born under this sign are convinced in their ideas. They know what they want since their childhood. They are passionate, have a strong sense of justice and try to help the weak. Jaguar gifts are: courage, selflessness and capacity to provide assistance, without the need for personal gain. Jaguar people are independent and have a great attractive force. They recover very quickly from every loss and “revive” as in a new life.

Female: Female jaguar adapts very easily with the surrounding environment. They change according to situations which they should afford. She is independent and likes to feel free, but at the same time she wants to have a partner that can protect her. All the time she is aggressive toward men.

Male: Male Jaguar is not easy to be won over because he is convinced that he is the owner of the world. The others should ignore him, in order to attract his attention. He is attracted by entertaining women, who know how to make him laugh and surprise him with new findings.

Work: Jaguar people show interest and passion at work as well as in their choices which are usually diverse. Those who are born under this sign hate monotonous or repetitive activities and may change a lot of jobs during their life. They know how to be great traders. They are very good at performing arts, especially in the field of directing, and may even succeed in the military or in sports.

Affinity: Those who belong to this sign agree with the Peacock, who they have a lot in common with and form an excellent team. They also go well the Bat. Jaguar often admires and encourages the Turtle.

Weak Points: The desire to be free makes them escape from their own responsibilities.


Tradition: Maya priests considered those who were born under this sign, honest, reliable and worthy for important jobs. They were evaluated as noble people.

Character: They are shy, interested in social problems. They respect the rules and laws, but they are also open to accept new things. They are often very lucky. People love them because of their golden heart. They are very sensitive to the others and often are offered with a great pleasure to help the others forgetting their needs. They are closely connected with beliefs and tradition and prefer a simple lifestyle, without excessive requirements.

Female: Those who were born under this sign have a great heart, but they also know to use their cunning to achieve what they want. That is why they often result being unexpected and their behavior is not very contemporary and constant. Their strongest point is the adaptability with any kind of situation and the lack of claims. They often interfere in situations which do not belong to them because of their spontaneity.

Male: Males of this sign often have a romantic vision of life and do not tolerate injustice, particularly in relation to the weak. Those who were born under this sign can place limits without having the opportunity to reach them. They like adventures and often dream a lot because they like being out of the reality. Wolf-dog men let themselves be attracted by women very easily, which means that they need them.

Work: People who belong to this sign can have different jobs. They can create teams very easily and no one can defeat them in a team work. They are appropriate for social work and legal activities. They love the contact with nature, and because of this they would be perfect in the agricultural sector and other sectors that are related to nature.

Affinity: Wolf – dogs manage to create a good rapport with Taurus and lizard, who they create an equal ratio with. They can go very well with those who were born under the sign of the Serpent and the Owl.

Weak Points: They are not very ambitious and prefer to stay in the shade. Sometimes they lose important possibilities of affirmation.

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