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Mayan Astrology & Zodiac Sings: The Falcon (Hawk)

Mayan Astrology & Zodiac Sings: The Falcon (Hawk)

mayan-singsAs great connoisseurs of the astrological discipline, Maya came to their horoscope which consists of 13 signs that correspond to the same number of animals. The Maya civilization, as it is known, was developed in the Central America, in a territory that includes part of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

Their civilization appears since 2000 BC, when the first civilization formations began about 300 years B.C. Maya had developed a writing system and a calculation one which were based on two calendars: the civil (Haab) and the ritual (Tzolkin). In fact the Maya used the two calendars at the same time, as it were a single one.

Besides these two main methods of calculating time, there was also the lunar year, consisting of 13 months of 28 days each, called the scientific year, or code of Paris, as it was discovered in Paris about 800 years ago.

FalconFalcon (Hawk)

Tradition: Falcon was considered sacred by the Maya priests. If there was a falcon person in the family it was a sign of prosperity for all. According to the mythology it is the last incarnation of the reincarnation cycle: in the later life it was passed in a subsequent cycle with a greater evolution.

Character: The people who belong to the sign of Falcon are strong and responsible. They have a gift of a duty sense. They have the features of a commander and take care of those who surround them. They have an excellent mind and understand very easily, assisted by a photographic memory. It means that they are very successful in studying. Even though they have a very strong feeling of duty, they hate taking orders and seek the maximum to be independent. This can often appear in rebellion.

Female: The falcon female has a difficult character. She is very demanding: the people who are around her must always have something special. To attract her attention one must be intellectual, stimulating and always ready to satisfy her curiosities. She loves everything that costs and which is beautiful.

Male: To accept a fundamental change in life, the falcon male must be convinced that this change is really worth. It is very difficult to know what he really wants because he changes opinion very often. To attract him one should be able to get surprised constantly. He prefers the beautiful and intelligent women who are able to express too much in a very few words.

Work: The ambition and the managing feelings, make the Falcon require activities that allow them to dominate over the others. Even inside the normal work they require always to be placed in authoritative position. The best jobs for them are being a judge or politician. They can also be successful in sports or spectacles.

Affinity: Falcon goes well with the Owl and the Squirrel. They go best with the Serpent.

Weak Points: Excessive bodily pleasures can be a barrier for their power.

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