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Mayan Astrology: Serpent and the Squirrel

Mayan Astrology: Serpent and the Squirrel


Tradition: Maya religion thought that those who were born under this sign had a thorough understanding of the essence of the Mother Earth, which was expressed through the love for nature. In the Maya culture, the serpent doesn’t have the negative meaning that is given in the orient. On the contrary, it is a symbol of wisdom.

Character: They are great-hearted people, open minded and with artistic sense. They like to live well. They are considered to be authoritative and preserver of cosmic wisdom. They are ambitious and walk slowly, but without stopping towards the goal they want to reach. They also know how to react with the maximum coldness, to get over difficulties and defeat their enemies with no mercy. But when they are with their friends they know to be very honest.

Female: Female Serpents know how to be very refined and move in their environment like a queen. They are very determined to be completed using their intelligence and their brilliant mind. They are very passionate and demanding with the man they love and whom they continually test to verify if he is able to stand by her.

Male: The Serpent male is a winner and very skillful in business. Success and money are always in the first place for him, and the woman who stands by him must accept this reality. Snake man does not accept a woman be superior in love. So, who wants to attract his attention has to accept a dependent role.

Work: People born under the sign of the Serpent are particularly appropriate for any activity that has to do with money. They often have a financial talent and know the language of numbers like no other. They are great communicators. They are successful at school and other activities that have to do with the gaining of information.

Affinity:They have a good deal with the Deer, which manages to calm Serpent. Usually those who were born under this sign also go well with the Monkey, which stimulates their desire to live and the desire to be adventurous as well.

Weak Points: Sexuality often makes them be slaves of passion.


Tradition:The ancient Mayan tradition gives this sign the predictive feature. In the Maya culture Squirrel, is a symbol of fertility and quantity.

Character: They are very alive and great communicators. Those who are born under this sign can become excellent professionals in public relations. They are excellent and consider friendship to be very important. They are extremely social and attractive, but unable to keep a secret. Thanks to their good character they have a lot of friends. They are very active, and often can do many things at the same time, thanks to their mental processes which are faster in comparison with other persons.

Female: Seen from the mental as well as feminine attraction point of view, Squirrel female is often the representative of women. She lives her life as a great comedy in which she is the main protagonist.

Male: The squirrel male gets adapted to any kind of situation and is always looking for new opportunities. However, he doesn’t do the best to be successful, preferring a simple and comfortable life. He is very tolerant. He has such a good imagination that he ends up believing what he has created.

Work: Thanks to their communicative competence, they are often very skilled tradesman and very good spokespersons for public relations. Their most favorite activities are those which make them be in contact with people. This contact makes them have fun and good results, too. They feel good as chroniclers, journalists, artists and businessmen.

Affinity: Those who were born under this sign have more friends and more intense social life. They can have very good relations with the Vulture (Owl) and Falcon.

Weak Points: Their weak point is the difficulty of changing ideas, given the fact that all the time they travel through their imagination and fantasy.

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