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Libra – Characteristics and everything else you need to know

Libra – Characteristics and everything else you need to know

LibraIt is a sign of air dominated by Veneer. People who belong to this sign like the beauty and elegance. They hate discussions and know how to make rational and impartial judgments on every argument.

They are good-looking, gentle, equilibrated, tidy and have very good learning skills. If they are attacked violently they become very depressive and suffer because of their loss. They like to have free jobs such as: designer, driver. Friendship and pure love is very important for them. Because of love they can make long journeys. They are possessive and trustful.  They hate vulgar and  nonsense discuss ions.

Sports according to Libra!

People who belong to the sign of Libra are artists. Their soul seeks the harmony of movements associated with the beautiful body. Real sports for them are: dancing in water or artistic skating. The only thing that could prevent them in the way toward any medal is the strictness and the critical attitude toward themselves. They love teamwork and they would have it if they chose any kind of sport that involves a beautiful partner and many rumors after training.

Love – They are great dodgers but, they have a lot of success to the other sex. They evaluate carefully the external appearance and the taste of the person they like. It is very important for them to find a partner that can be measured by the excellence of their appearance.

Food according to Libra!

What can be assumed for the other signs of the zodiac, for Libra it is widely known that they get poison through food, which destroys their health, even though it can be said that it is very good. For this reason people who belong to the sign of Libra should avoid smoking, alcohol and heavy food, especially pepper, black coffee, chocolate, white sugar and industrial salt.

They should consume sea salt and honey instead of sugar (they should wait hot drinks to get cold because the heat destroys the necessary nutrients of honey). Apart from the vegetables, they like even olive oil, chicken and beef meat. Orange trees: mango, Japanese quince, mandarin, yellow peach, apricot, melon, apples, carrots, should always be on their table.

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