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Horoscopes Overview for 2017

Horoscopes Overview for 2017

horoscope-for-2017Now that is good news, the effort you put forward this year will in due time be rewarded back to you. A fact of which we are all aware is that it takes a lot of work to invest in relationships, make a living and even take on the day to day tasks that are required of us. The great thing is this year you will handle it all and receive appreciation for it.

Although it may sound shocking, there are times in which the Universe cooperates, more often than not actually! The thing is that you are still required to work hard, you cannot rely on fate and luck. What is needed is your drive combined with good karma. Now which is the realm in need of the biggest boost? That is up to you. after which you attention and efforts must be focused on that realm and you will see things happening.

There is no reason to take on the world on your own, joining with those who have common goals and share your vision of the future can be much more effective and intense. The future belongs to you and those you have chosen to accompany you on your journey, it is time for you to create it. 2016 is a year all about shared efforts with those you love and your partners, it is about teamwork.

This does include the celebration of your wins as well. If you begin feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, it is time to shift your focus to more minor things or fewer things. If it is done with passion, there is no effort that is small. Allow some of the good luck this year brings to do some of the work as well. With a bit of luck and some faith you can make it far, even through difficult times.

When it comes to numerology, 9 is pure magic and 2016 is a 9 year. What is intensely visualized, is created and then it is gone, creating space for the wonderful things that are coming next.

The Fire Signs which are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have enough space this year to work on passions which are personal. Being that Uranus is currently in the heart of Aries, it is best to remind yourself at times to not take off to far all by yourself.

Especially where social activities are concerned, preferences and passions may collide with what others desire, however 2016 brings with it more patience as well as the will to just go with the flow and watch what may happen. This is the year to discover new passions. Strength will be found in numbers and you are capable of being the strongest member in any team. You are a natural hard worker and therefore this year will bring big benefits.

The Earth Signs which are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are also in for some cosmic attention during 2016. There exist only four Mercury retrogrades, the majority are in Earth Signs. If you work with great care, the mistakes and misunderstandings you experience, if any will be few. Things may go so smoothly you may have to pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming. You aren’t!

During the first half of the year, Jupiter as well as the Lunar North Node occupy Virgo, this will bring about more magical good fortune your way. You will see some of that sparkle begin to fade after August so make sure you plan ahead. You will have the edge when handling business and your daily life this year, thanks to a September Solar Eclipse in Virgo. It is important to put emphasis on taking care of one another.

Ares Signs which are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius may feel a lot better off in 2016, in comparison with the way they felt in 2015. The highlights are communication, teamwork and mutual understanding, this should come naturally to you. This year the moon begins in the first degree of Libra, this will help you out the whole year long.

There will be occasions in which the need to lead and take charge of your team may arise. If you were to need them this will provide administrative powers and extra influence. In March the Lunar Eclipse in Libra will set the tone for the progression in relationships. There may not be instant results, but the results will come. During the year you may find that you are more intuitive.

The Water Signs which are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are quite sensitive, in 2016 this could be seen as an advantage. It will be possible for you to be able to notice when a complication may ensue and where or who will be bringing it. If you begin to feel out of touch, in March a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces will help you to reconnect. There will be another boost to your intuition and instincts in September when there is a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. During the most part of Spring, Mars is retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. You have cosmic permission to take it nice and easy if you feel hesitant to make a judgement call or act.

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