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Gemini Zodiac Sign – Check out personality traits & characteristics

Gemini Zodiac Sign – Check out personality traits & characteristics

GeminiThe sun is in transit in the sign of Gemini from 22 May to 21 June. The dominant planet is Mercury. The element of Gemini is air. They are variable. Gemini is the first variable sign of the horoscope. Leaded by Mercury, it represents an attractive sign. The people of this sign are concerned about any sort of thing and have a desire to recognize the impossible. But, at the same time they do not find it easy to focus on a single activity.

For this reason it is considered to be a superficial sign which cannot be trusted. The problem is that time is too short to allow Gemini deal with all the things they like. Mercury makes them great orators. They know very well the art of rhetoric and it is not easy to win against them in a debate. It is not convenient to oppose them because they might make the others talk to themselves! Gemini can be less reliable like friends, since they easily disconcentrate and just a small thing can make them forget an appointment.

But they take the others forgiveness very easy, thanks to their way of communication that inspires everything except the revenge. Regarding to the anatomy this sign corresponds to the chest and breathing apparatus, especially the bronchi.

Those who belong to this sign should be well dressed because they might get cold especially during the cold months. Gemini might stay for the rest of their life with a person if he is co-operative, tolerant and can understand their changing nature, at least partially. They are not necessarily attracted from beautiful persons. But, they are very curious about everything that is new. For this reason, an original person, no matter how his appearance is, could attract the attention of Gemini and make fall in love very quickly.

Sports according to Gemini!

Twins are said to be double-faced. But this is not true. They can do different works at the same time. They can be focused on the body response, as well as on the mental response. Of course, these two components attract them equally. Here’s the solution: the real sport for them is golf or billiards. Little mathematics, a real movement with the hips … and that’s it!

Love – They are the most entertaining sign. For the other gender, at least at the beginning, the external appearance will be important. They keep their emotions under control for reasons which only they may know. But, it is difficult to resist to their charm and their spirituality.

Food according to Gemini! 

The children of Mercury, despite their volatility, are very charming, vital, youthful and full of physical energy. In a word this sign eternally belongs to the young and fast people, who walk with the same step as time.  So, first of all they will accept macrobiotic, vegetarianism and any other nutritionist trend.

Gemini love cooking. They love new dishes and new recipes, but in terms of nutrition are very finicky. Since they do not like to stay seated around the table for a long time, they are determined to have frequent meals that remind cocktail. They especially love exotic kitchens of distant countries. From the products of their country, they should use as much vegetables and fruits of indigo color, for example; eggplant grapes, blackberries and brown cherries. They should not smoke and are recommended to have a rest.

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