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Free Chinese Horoscope: Year Of The Goat!

Free Chinese Horoscope: Year Of The Goat!

February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016 is the Year of the Wood Goat (also referred to as the Year of the Wood Sheep). Wood, with its practicality and slow growth, combines with the creative and socially and emotionally sensitive Goat.

Native Goat, Pig and Rabbit will be particularly lucky now. People will just want to help you. A priority for you is teamwork. Take on volunteer work in your community, spend time with others regularly and just hang out and have fun.

Learn patience as the year starts. On March 20, a powerful solar eclipse will be challenging, especially to native Money, Rat and Dragon. You will need to give up old patterns and establish a new direction. What you leave behind now is not necessary for a fulfilling and happy life.

The April 4 lunar eclipse is especially significant for native Rooster, Snake and Ox. Relationship issues arise and demand your undivided attention.

Wood facilitates practical solutions and careful analyses. If you are honest, you may achieve sudden breakthroughs. Do not allow fear or anger to keep you stuck. Whatever comes your way, you choose how to interpret these events. Learning gratitude and forgiveness are important components of your personal transformation.

In June, you have growing optimism due to creative innovation, recreation, romance and humor. You can have too much fun. Pig, Goat and Rabbit can be easily tempted to spend unreasonably on pleasure or extravagant items.

The new moon on August 14 creates luck in love, especially for actionable and personable Dog, Tiger and Horse. Do things that bring you enjoyment and follow your heart.

Conflicts in religion and politics are likely to ignite by September. Wood Goat insists upon a peaceful and cooperative approach. Strong feelings for universal love, community spirit and rational thinking should be encouraged. Rather than focusing on differences, focus on what you have in common.

The lunar eclipse on September 27 can bring a wake-up call about a poisonous relationship. Enforce your personal boundaries. You are allowed to put your needs first. You will stay stuck by holding on to the past, due to fear, the need to control or sentimentality. Taking action will allow a new chapter in your life to begin soon.

People stand by you. What once was a breakdown becomes a breakthrough, once you are courageous enough to hold your ground. A focus on work and service begins in October. Being with others and doing things for them is the theme. An influx of positivity can bring better finances and employment opportunities, especially in the health and service professions.

Goat notoriously lands on his or her feet, which could bring everyone a sense of security. Wood-influenced skills that require time to learn can bring you recognition and rewards. Improve your health through lifestyle changes and encourage your friends to participate.

Determined and analytical Rooster, Snake and Ox will be reaping their reward at year’s end, after careful planning and patience. Expect exciting surprises when a major shift in energy occurs in January 2016.

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