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Astronomical hours in a day (Part 2).

Astronomical hours in a day (Part 2).

astronomical-hours2The time of birth determines the character. Date of birth is not a sufficient framework to determine one’s character. The accuracy of the character analysis greatly depends on the time of birth.

If they were born…

From 0 to 01 am – These people are characterized by aggressiveness (Aries) associated with sustainability (Saturn). They are considered to be stubborn, non diplomatic and immensely proud. In favorable circumstances, this constellation can bring incredible creative achievement.

From 01 am to 02 am – Power, authority and status represent everything for them. Because of this, those who mostly suffer are the people near them. They are successful in life due to the fact that they know how to manage the great power they have. They should be grateful to the people who belong to Capricorn affected by Jupiter for helping them to be on the top.

From 02 o’clock to 03 am – They can do different tasks at the same time with pleasure. They are dynamic and capable of being exulted (Mars), but at the same time they lose quickly the interest in things they have started. Sometimes they are exclusive and intolerant, so a little more patience would not be bad for them.

From 03 o’clock to 04 am – They are very sensitive. These are clear signs of commitment and goodwill (Venus). For them, family and home are of the same importance (Cancer). They adore financial security. It can be said that they use money in an excellent way.

From 04 o’clock to 05 am – Their thoughts (Mercury) are always focused on a specific target. They are full of concentration and strong will. For each job they become authoritative (Lion). However, when they pay more attention to social relationships they end up in depression.

From 05 o’clock to 06 am – They feel very good when they create order from the existing chaos. Their Love (Sun) belongs to the details (Virgo), where they find it difficult to distinguish the important from the unimportant. They always risk wasting money on things that are not important at all. At work you are dedicated and do your tasks perfectly.

From 06 o’clock to 07 am – They are charming and well-dressed (Libra). Their apartment is arranged with taste and it is also a place where they often meet with friends. They are very kind to everyone. The greatest danger lies in the fact that their emotional security (Moon) depends on others and not on you.

From 07 o’clock to 08 am – They name the things as they are. They say (Mercury) what they think (the scorpions). But they know even to keep their mouth silent. They should be grateful to the readiness they have to reach goals and be part of a sensational imagination. Intrigues and confidence can get them out of tact.

From 08 o’clock to 09 am – Game, sport and activity in fresh air are very important things for them (Sagittarius). They always try to cross the borders. It doesn’t matter if these borders are social, spiritual, or state. They are attracted by the unknown. New friendship (Venus) should provide them something they do not have experienced yet. They are born adventurers.

From 09 am to 10 am – The concrete reasons are constantly necessary for them (Capricorn) to be active (Mars). Thanks to the great talent they have for arranging things and their discipline they always achieve their goals. They feel good when they help the others, first of all their family members. They have also other values.

From 10 am to 11 am – For them all people are the same. There are no differences among classes. They let everyone express their personal views and personal development. They have the sensitivity to deal with occult things, have full understanding (Jupiter) and are always open to new ideas (Aquarius). Due to the fact that they love people a lot, in most cases they are surrounded by sincere friends.

From 11 am until 12 am – They are successful particularly when they work away from the other’s sight. In such case they can really achieve great things. Every time they are calm enough (Saturn) to do the things (Pisces), they make ​​an excellent career in art and in this point nothing can stop them.

From 12 pm to 1 pm – They go to the end of everything. In this case the logic helps them not to waste time on unimportant things. Material safety (Taurus) in the family is most important for their spiritual tranquility (Moon). They rarely take the plunge. They contact with people very rarely, only when people approach them.

From 13 pm to 14 pm – They take the others opinions for granted. For this reason sometimes they think that everything said or done relates to them. Rarely do they believe only the things they think are true. Perhaps it is this feature that brings to them tremendous success at work.

From 14 pm to 15 pm – They stay faithful to the partner up to the end of their life (Venus). But if they understand that they are not very important for their partner (Lion), they immediately seek for another partner. Art and acting occupy an important place in your life. For the children they are able to sacrifice everything.

From 15 pm to 16 pm – They experience full affirmation only in those events (Mars) where they can invest their feelings (Cancer). They are loving people who shine from self-excitement. But they get irritated when they are refused. Only if they frown they can avoid aggressiveness and insults.

From 16 pm to 17 pm – Money is very important for them. For this reason they think (Taurus) that they should get something in the first half of their life (Jupiter). To achieve this it helps their ability to rise above the daily and petty scams, as well as the possibility to predict things in advance.

From 17 pm to 18 pm – They are appreciated in private and in business as they are very dependent on their perfection. They are very practical and thanks to their success they know how to deal with people who oppose their plans. In this case, their tendency for the details (virgin) is an obstacle for the achievement of their goals (Saturn).

From 18 pm to 19 pm – They can achieve their goals (Saturn) only in relations with the other people (Libra). They need to be very patient in their friendship in order to succeed by themselves. The greatest danger lies in the fact that the partner can cover them with great demand, which in the long run they cannot meet.

From 19 pm to 20 pm – Your tendency to take risks will enable large increase in society. Due to the noted (Venus) sexual demands (Scorpions), they risk to lose other values ​​in a stable relationship, such as loyalty, mutual care and spiritual interests. In essence, they should be more mature in everything they do.

From 20 pm to 21 pm – The excitement for the unknown (Sagittarius) encourages you for great entrepreneurs (March). They love traveling in distance mainly in exotic places. Their strongest point is their eternal loyalty. After big falls they will stay on their feet.

From 21 pm to 22 pm – Other people often think that those who are born between this time are slow and inert because of the fear they might hurt them (Pisces). Meanwhile when the others know them better, they are convinced that they are very warm and sensitive. For them it is very important that the others tell them how much they love them (Venus) and get surprised a lot if things are not as they thought.

From 22 pm to 23 pm – They are extremely intelligent (Aquarius) and often think differently from others (Mercury). For this reason they succeed with the most difficult problems. They are always in advantage compared to the others. For this, there is no need for being arrogant. Modesty, however, is a virtue.

From 23 pm to 24 pm – The so called “the night sun” rules with the time they were born. It symbolizes the inner light. They are inclined (Scorpions) for occult activities (Sun). They don’t want compromises in their everyday life. The motto of their life: “everything or nothing”. Meanwhile, in love they are possessive and jealous.

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