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Astronomical hours in a day (Part 1).

Astronomical hours in a day (Part 1).

Astronomical_hoursEvery hour in a day has its particular astrological attendance, the same way as every day in a month has its own numerical vibration. This affects the changes of our bio-energetic loading.The time of our birth has a particular importance, when we know that the influence of certain planets varies alternatively during 24 hours.

In other words, it is not the same if you are born in the morning, at noon or in the evening. We will understand better some of our actions, attitudes and dispositions if we know the numerical vibration of the time of our birth. The 24-hour cycle is divided into six digital units (stations). The first digital station is between zero and four o’clock, the second between 4 and 8 o’clock, the third between the hours of 8 and 12, the fourth between 12 and 16 o’clock, the fifth between 16 and 20 pm; and the last one, the sixth, between 20 and 24 (midnight).

For those who are born between midnight and four o’clock (12- 4am)

They are very quiet. They like daydreaming. They have sensational imagination, but it is unlikely to go out into the world of physical reality. They are very talented in writing poems. This is why people do not understand them. They are also a little somnambulist and naughty, but still remains to say that they are very generous.

For those who are born between the hours of four and eight (4-8am)

They are very skillful and well-organized. They are persistent and insistent on all jobs, especially in practical matters. They know how to find themselves in their everyday life reality. They try very hard to be an example for the others and to be accepted as such.

For those who are born between the hours of eight and twelve (8-12am)

They are characterized from faith, hope and optimism. They are skilled, and always creative. They always convey love and magnetic warmth to others wherever they are. They are sensual and spiritual. They are very fond of art and philosophy. They are known for the values ​​and the talent they have.

For those who are born between the hours of twelve and sixteen (12-4pm)

They are sober, skillful, dynamic, and full of energy. It seems like the practical matters are created by God especially for them. They are good speakers, mathematicians and physicists. But, if they oriented themselves in literature they would be even very good at that. Saying differently, they are very talented in different fields. This makes them express their creativity in many jobs.

For those who are born between sixteen and twenty (4-8pm)

They are troubled souls and outgoing, a little nervous and mooncalf.  They have dynamic movements and powerful words. They think and act quickly. They want to take a lot from life. They love it in all ways and aspects. They often change decisions and deal with different things at the same time. Those who don’t know them well would think that they hurry too much, but they certainly are aware of everything they do.

For those who are born between twenty and twenty-four (8-12pm)

They are mature, persistent and insistent in all areas. Their intention is to dominate all the works and situations. They have affinity for literature and philosophy and they are rational and spiritual, too. They react in a magnetic way toward the environment. They are authoritative in their families and society. They sometimes leave the impression of being arrogant and conceited. This is because they are very confident and full of vital creative energy.

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