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Astrology and medicine

Astrology and medicine

Many doctors use astrology in their work. It is considered to be very important the comparison between the horoscope of the doctor and that of a patient to see if their undersigns are in balance. In other words, the undersigns of these two persons shall belong to the same element (water, fire, air, soil, or metal) and should be in accordance with each other in this aspect. If the patient has the undersign of Libra, then his doctor should have the undersign of Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini.

Compatible aspects between the doctor and the patient offer encouragement and mutual trust. If they are incompatible they may cause mutual aversion.

Lunar impact on human health.

After the Sun, the Moon is the celestial body that has the greatest impact on human organization. Menstrual cycle in women coincides with the length of the lunar moon, while the period of the early embryo to his birth lasts a full nine months. Different phases of the moon affect the appearance of various diseases, especially mental crisis. Since the moon is collecting the sun’s energy, it transmits this energy in the human body.

When a person has a weak Moon in the horoscope, he will receive less solar energy and is more disposed to various diseases. Moon affects very sensitive organs of the body, such as: stomach, spleen, breast and uterus. Also, pregnancy, birth and nervous system are directly related to the influence of the Moon. Moon influences on genetic legacy.


Healing under the influence of the Moon.

At the time of Ptolemy, thinking of a surgery intervention and not analyze the position of the moon well, meant to threaten personal life. Since ancient times people didn’t make surgical interventions when the Moon was in the sign of Capricorn, because in those days the functioning of the organism was weak.

Also, at that time, patients were not cured in the days when the Earth presented new moon, either, because it was believed that these days the major atmospheric changes occurred. This practice continues even today.

The days when the moon is positioned in the signs of Scorpion, Pisces or Sagittarius, are the most appropriate time for recovery. It is not preferred treatment during the time when the moon is dropping due to the possibility of major bleeding.

Doctors who consult astrology also do not operate bodies or parts of it while they are under the influence of the Moon. For example it is very dangerous to make surgical intervention in the head when the moon is in the sign of Aries.

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