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Astrology and Health, (Part ll)

Astrology and Health, (Part ll)

Second part of the explanation of Astrology and Health and each zodiac sign according to it. 

VirgoVIRGO: The concern over health

Second sign of the earth Virgo, as well as the sixth house, in astrology is loaded with health and hygiene. This is a sign that seeks perfection and wants to satisfy the others. People of this sign are often worried, insecure and passive. All the situations are reflected in the stomach and digestive system of a person. The biggest concern of them is health concern. Body parts and organs which are managed by Virgo are: lower stomach, liver, pancreas, stomach and nervous system. Virgo expresses physical manifestations of stress; meanwhile the functions of the body which are managed by it are the absorption of the nutrient matters and the movement of the lower abdominal muscles. Most often they become ill because of digestive obstacles, poisoning, stomach, constipation, intestinal diseases, liver and pancreas. Food is an important part of life, but they should not leave aside regular physical activity. Riding the bike would respond more to them, because it would fulfill his need for practical movement and saving money. Also it would help with the breathing techniques, meditation and massage with ether oils. The food should be with various crops in order to help in better digestion.

Physical activity: Volleyball in the sand

Virgins are quite clumsy in terms of their health. Meanwhile in terms of their intellect they are always ready for action. For them the ideal sport is volleyball and especially volleyball in the sand, a dynamic and entertaining game, which always provides friendship, entertainment and sport in the fresh air. What excites them most in this sport is the mental component. This sport requires from them attention, concentration and quick reaction.

LIBRA: Balance and body emotion

Libra symbolizes order and balance. People who belong to this sign have a good body structure and strong defense mechanism. The most important thing in life is love and good marriage and if they are unhappy in this point they will suffer from stress and different diseases. They pay attention to external appearance. They are interested in being beautiful and attractive. If being very thin is in fashion, they can stay without eating until they reach the target weight. For this reason, they can suffer from psychosomatic and have troubles with eating disorders for which in modern times it is spoken so much about, bulimia and anorexia.

In zodiac Libra lies in its middle part, and in the human body it leads belly (bottom) and the organs that are there – abdominal organs, hips, adrenal glands, kidneys. Since it is a sign that takes care of the appearance, it has to do even with the wrapping of the body, the skin and flesh. People born under this sign suffer from allergies and problems with their skin. Also they suffer from, loins diseases, headaches, problems with the digestion and lack of hormonal balance of minerals. It is also sensitive to sunlight, so it is important to avoid it. They should look after their skin carefully and regularly. They are recommended to use ether oil of thyme and spring water in order to cleanse their kidneys and urine channels.

Physical activity: Yoga
The representatives strongly feel the effects of dynamic life, but they need the balance between body and soul to function normally. Yoga will help to strengthen their body and see clearly the spiritual strength that is hidden in them. As a start, a short exercise of meditation is recommended to them: stay relaxed, sit cross-legged, keep the back straight and close your eyes. Then try to visualize the room, the sun which slowly appears on the horizon and shines the sky more and more, creating an atmosphere of divine peace. Meditate every day at a certain time, preferably in the morning or in the evening.

ScorpionsSCORPIONS: Regeneration ability

This water sign is distinguished for its extraordinary energy and strong muscle construct. People of this sign are strong and stable. Thanks to their dominators, Mars and Pluto, they recover quickly after serious disease. They are erotic and lustful and to function normally, it is important to have satisfactory sexual life. They can recover from high temperatures and intense pain, but, after recovering, they feel stronger than before. This sign manages the parts of the body which are below the stomach; genitals, hose urine, bladder spleen and colon. Its dominator is Mars, the carrier of the male principle and manufacturing capability, so that one of its functions is male fertility. Regarding to the women, this sign manages the menstrual cycle and birth, failure and spontaneous abortion. It regulates sweat and emptying processes, and, in case of illness, they use alternative forms of healing.

They often suffer from diseases of sexual organs and veins, viral inflammation, infectious diseases, poisoning, fungal diseases and mental illnesses – different psychosis, paranoia, and schizophrenia. Good sleep and acupuncture helps them a lot. Seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts help them to provide energy. Meanwhile, endive helps them to be cleaned.

Physical activity: dancing
The ideal activity for scorpions is dancing, as this discipline joins the soul and body. With frequent application of dancing, scorpions will gain a greater self-confidence and good condition. In addition to dance, it is also recommended an exercise which removes psychosomatic obstacles: Lie on the floor, turn off the light and listen to classical music according to your choice. Then begin to make spontaneous movements, harmonious and very slow, as if you want to be melted with the music that surrounds you.

SagittarusSAGITTARIUS: Healthy body – healthy spirit!

Sagittarius is the last sign of fire. They are powerful and have a more restrained temperament than other signs, Aries and Leo. They are being distinguished for their unquenchable optimism generosity and great energy. They love sport. They comply with the cult of the body, in the spirit of Olympic saying “healthy body – healthy spirit!”. However, their adventurous spirit and inclination towards hedonism may dominate. So, they will give priority to their satisfaction more than their physical activity. Like Taurus they know how to exaggerate in feasts and in the laziness.

Alcohol and fizzy drinks, sweets and greasy food, are those that mostly damage organs which Sagittarius dominates: liver and gall. This sign manages the part of body under the back: hips, pelvis, liver and the gall. Physical processes that are under his control are circulation and enzymes, digestion and the elimination of toxic substances. They suffer from congenital problems with hips, suppressing the hips, liver diseases, poisoning, ignition of the veins and blood diseases.
To be healthy it is necessary to stay away from harmful food, alcohol and tobacco. Wax flowers and artichoke are good for them.

Physical activity: Stretching

They find stretching an excellent way to improve the. But this sport has to be applied with patience and care, because they can not support strong and quick movements. They should think well before doing such movements during stretching. To begin with this kind of sport it is recommended a very beneficial exercise: lie on the side relying on the elbow and raise your leg up keeping it up completely straight. If you fail to capture the foot of the lying leg, first try to capture the ankle. Stay in that position without moving for about 30 seconds. Then, change the leg slowly. Within a certain time, repeat this exercise several times during the day.

CapricornCAPRICORN: Persistent towards healing

Capricorn is said to be like wine – the older the better! Similar could be said for his health. People of this sign become ill easily in their childhood, but over the years, they become stronger, more connected and more stable. Its dominator, the cold and the harsh Saturn submits their body to multiple diseases, but also feeds with experiences and “anti virus”. Thus Capricorn develops an awareness of self-help. People of this sign know what is harmful for them and what helps them and in a disciplined way they follow the professionals’ instructions. They can not improvise. They are skeptical about pseudo-doctors and about everything that is unscientific and unverified. In the human body it conducts the bones, ankles and wrists, knees, nails, teeth, skin and hair. Although they are afraid of dentists, blood tests, drilling and similar medical interventions, they will remain stoic to everything that helps them recover from the pain. The functions that Capricorn regulates are: sublimated, wounds, blood occupation, and sedimentation. They suffer from bone fractures, lumbago, rheum, anemia, anorexia, lack of minerals and disease psyche, like paranoia, phobia and depression. They need awareness, meditation and association with patient and sighted persons.

Physical activity: Hiking

Mountains are the true kingdom for those who want solitude. In order to gain physical energy and spiritual peace, they like to have picnics in the mountains whenever they can. There, they will be surrounded by the fresh air and the necessary tranquility. Meanwhile the view from the heights will give them a special excitement. Walking in the mountains will improve the change of substances in their body. So after such a healthy holiday they will return fully regenerated. Capricorn in terms of entrepreneurship is very stable. That is why the long walk, even marathons, responds to them.

AquariusAQUARIUS: Problems with arteries

Aquarius is the last sign of air trinity. People born under this sign are original and non adaptable. Some call their uniqueness a psychological problem, without trying to understand that they see the world in a different way. Representatives of this sign feel better when they should not be adapted to others. They feel good and healthy when they do what they want. This sign manages blood and lymph circulation and directs the bottom of the body, the part under knee and ankles. It will be this part which hurt them. They have troubles with blood circulation, lymph, varicose veins, sick and swollen feet, blood coagulation, fractures, ankles distortion and the lack of hormonal balance of psychosomatic disorders.

Some troubles may arise as a result of the way of living. They will destroy their health since there is not a limit of their demands and from the curiosity they will try everything. In this way they will damage their good construct that they have since they were born in an unhealthy way of life, with irregular sleep and irregular food, too. They accept the alternative forms of  healing and natural medicine. From the ether oils, rosemary helps them for an external use and Valeria for internal use – for comfort and better sleep.

Physical activity: Cycling

Bicycle is a mean of transportation, which, for many people who belong to Aquarius, is also the best sports activity. Riding the bike will help them to overcome difficulties and depression, being good for their body and soul. When they are on the bike they feel like a fish in water since they are eager for freedom and independence. If they spend their time riding the bike outside the city, alone or in a nice company, they will feel healthier and more relaxed, but will also improve blood circulation in the veins.

PiscesPISCES: Psychosomatic troubles

At the end of the zodiac Pisces await us gathered together, preoccupied in their own world of imagination and experienced emotions. Representatives of this sign are sensitive in every way. And, if they are used to getting pills and various medications very early, they will create themselves health problems. Pisces are intuitive, sensitive, sacrificing, but unstable in psychological terms. If they are surrendered to foreign negative influence, people will go in the wrong direction. They suffer from psychosomatic troubles, various dependencies and sleep disorders.

The sign of Pisces manages the soles, symbolically the balance between the upper and lower parts of the body, between body and soul, dreams and non dreams. Under the management of this sign are the muscles, ligaments, bones of the foot, the heel, then the pituitary gland and it cerebral membrane. Bodily functions which Pisces leads are: psychological and hormonal control activities. Along with various diseases, those born under this sign suffer from metabolic disorders and circulation, fractures and feet deformation. Water (and all liquids) has healing qualities the same way it has for the other signs of water. They would especially like swimming, massage with ether oils, healing mud, natural tea, yoga and meditation.

Physical activity: Swimming

Most of the Pisces love summer because they can you swim as much as they want. They don’t like swimming in the pools, because they love the natural environment. They feel happy when they are near the water. They give pleasure to their body through this sport. However, sometimes swimming can be dangerous for them. They are eager for romanticism and quietness. Doing this sport helps them to forget the risk that can be because of the long stay in the sun.


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