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Astrology and Health, (Part l)

Astrology and Health, (Part l)

astrology-&-healthBranch of astrology, which deals with the influence of celestial bodies in our health, is called astro-medicine. Astral signs are ranged from the tip of the body to continue until the end of the legs with the same order as listed in the Zodiac. So, Aries is equivalent to head, Taurus to neck, Gemini to arms and the upper part of the chest, Cancer is equivalent to breasts, Leo to the heart, Virgo and Libra to the middle part of the body, Scorpions equivalent to sexual organs, Sagittarius to thighs, Capricorn to knees, Aquarius to the parts under knee, while Pisces are equivalent to the sole of the foot. Each sign must be given the meaning of the dominant planet, because planets direct certain parts of the body and its organs. However, to create a view of someone’s health is not enough for us to know only its solar sign and its dominant planet. Based on the time of birth it must be done the precise natal card. Then it must be analyzed the whole horoscope, giving priority to those parts of horoscope which deal with health conditions. Planets and the human body: Certain parts of the body belong to certain planets.In astrology each zodiacal sign leads almost to the same part of the body as well as its dominant planet (Aries and Scorpions – Mars and Pluto; Taurus and Libra – Venus; Gemini and Virgo – Mercury; Sagittarius – Jupiter; Capricorn – Saturn; Aquarius – Uranus ; Pisces – Neptune, Cancer -Moon, Leo – Sun). So, during the analysis of health the signs and the planets should be taken into account.

Therefore, this register of the planets and parts of body that respond to them can be implemented in the signs of the zodiac.

Health predispositions of the zodiac signs!

AriesARIES: Weak Point – head

As the first sign of fire, Aries has to do with the energy, military character and pervasiveness. They are very impulsive and go towards their target without head. That is why the creature is named so. They are dominated by Mars, planet which in astro-medicine is seen as responsible for the strong inflammation and injury. It is seen also as a merit for the fast healing and regeneration of blood force. Aries directs the head and organs which are located in it (brain, nerves, eyes, nose, facial bones, neck axis), then the muscles, and the nerves. Whenever they get hurt they always suffer from head. So it is very important to be protected, for example, while driving a motorcycle. Aries are excessively irritable, lustful and erotic. Because of intolerance and loss of reason they often have sexual intercourse without being protected. For this reason, they are often recovered from sexual diseases, some of which can greatly endanger their fertility. Usually they suffer from high fever, headache and migraine, dental pain, meningitis, stress and anxiety with high blood pressure. They are desirable as blood donors, and to feel better they should sleep more, eat tedious food, and foods rich in vitamins C and E. They are calmed down by the smell of the lavender.

Physical activity: Aries love their body.

Their added physical activity responds to their psycho-physical condition. The best thing for them is running early in the morning, before the sunrise, or in the evening if they do not sleep early. Members of this sign regularly score good results in running. Running is the ideal choice if they want to remove psycho- physical loading and negative energy from themselves. Best would be if they ran in nature, but they can do it even in a closed environment, in the running track.

TaurusTAURUS: Sensitive throat

Taurus of earth is the central sign of the sensational spring. Taurus is the symbol of fertility, growth and progress. People who belong to this sign are extremely resistant and persistent, although there inactive and slow actions. They have large reserves of energy, but sometimes they are lazy and slow, ready to enjoy the pleasure of eating, drinking and traveling. For this reason, they are sensitive to health problems related with excessive eating and drinking, with overweighting and sometimes with bulimia. In the human body the parts which belong to this sign are the parts between the head and wings: the neck, throat, tonsils, defensive glands, ovaries (fertility), mouth and oral cavity (voice, feeding).

The discharge and hormone action (growth, menstruation, and puberty changes), dreams and overall metabolism are under the action of this sign. Most often they become ill because of metabolic disorders, diseases of the throat, loss of appetite, but there may be problems with the ovaries and defensive glands, too. It is important to consume healthy food, mass feeding and exercise regularly. Staying in the nature, aromatic therapy and drinking tea from the plants help them a lot. Instead of staying inactive they should start with light body exercises, yoga, or meditation in the environment in which the flavor of ether oil, lavender and rosemary are felt. But if they decide to do massage, they want it to be stronger and accompanied with little pain.

Physical activity: Aerobics and sailing.

They should respond without hesitation to the born and dangerous laziness and apathy with multiple movements. No doubt, for women the ideal solution is doing aerobics, because apart from the elimination of bad humor and negative energy, it will help to lose a large amount of calories, which are considered as the traditional enemy for the people who belong to the sign of Taurus. Even when they are not physically fit enough, or feel that the exercises are very difficult, they should not stop, but they should immediately go for a walk to fill the lungs with air. The ideal sport for men is canoeing, because it allows them move even when they are sitting!

GeminiGEMINI: Endangered lungs

Gemini is a sign of air of variable quality. In terms of business they are concerned, curious, skillful and versatile. Fast pace of living responds to them, but it will cause trouble with stomach. Like their dominator Mercury, they deal with mental communication and act like an intermediary between thought and movement, which means that they have the same task as the nerves. Regarding to the human body they lead pulse, bronchi, lungs, ear, ear drums, arms, elbows, wrists and ankles and the nervous system. They also lead the functions of the respiratory enzymes, then peripheral circulation, peripheral nervous system and hemoglobin.

They have a tendency to have problems with the lungs, allergies, limb injury, nerve loading and the stomach troubles. Their disadvantage is that they are not firmly set, so it is very difficult for them to give up what they like. They are not disciplined in relation to doctor’s instructions. As lead the respiratory system, they should avoid not only smoking, but smokers themselves! Southern trees – lemon, orange and grapefruit correspond to them. They should provide sufficient amounts of vitamin B and magnesium.

Physical activity: Tennis.

Their most favorite sport activity is tennis. Even when they do not have any desire to race, tennis offers them the opportunity to improve reflexes and create the right skills to solve unstable situations. The result of doing such sport will be self-confidence and persistence. It should be noted that tennis increases their intellectual skills such as the attention and the concentration.

CancerCANCER: Variable pleasure, unstable health

Cancer is a sign of water. The persons who belong to this sign are sensitive in terms of both emotional and health aspect. When they are young they get sick very often. They don’t have the capability to do any physical activity or any sport. The only thing that gives them pleasure is swimming. In the human body Cancer is “set” in the front of the chest and stomach, so it directs the organs that are in this part (the upper stomach, lower exit of the stomach, pancreas). However, since they are very emotional, they are part of the sensitive signs of psychosis. Their pleasure is variable. They are very concerned and have a tendency to get depressed. The most sensitive thing for them is their family.

This sign also shows what genetic inheritance is; while in astrology it is related with the uterus. So, under the control of Cancer are the organs and the functions of the body which are part of the conception, pregnancy and postnatal period (uterus, placenta, smooth muscles, growth, reproductive cycles, nutrition, pregnancy, breastfeeding). They get ill because of diseases of the stomach, pancreas, and diabetes, troubles with pregnancy, postnatal depression, and psychic barriers. His health is improved by the source water, tea, fruit and vegetables, which are rich in liquids. Their plants are lettuce, green cucumber and other uncooked vegetables.

Physical activity: swimming
Swimming is the ideal sport for those who want to lose some weight. Women of this sign will have benefits if they decide to spend their free time swimming in the pool, while in summer in sea and other waters. Even if they’re not a master of swimming, they don’t have to be worried about. They should note that “the re-creators” spend a lot more calories than professionals with their movements.

LeoLEO: Captors of hearts

Leo like a fire, as well as its dominator Sun, manages their vital functions of the body – the work of the heart and blood circulation. People who belong to Leo are healthy, full of energy, prolific and stable. But, they cannot afford pain, especially the reception to the doctor and going to the dentist. Though it appears to be confident and strong, in dangerous situations they become quite coward. Stress is the biggest enemy for them, as well as greasy food and nicotine, which would create layers in the walls of veins. In the human body Leo manages work of the heart, aorta, coronary vein, spinal cord, back and nerves. They are very sensitive towards the heart problems, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, closing the venous pressure, heart attacks, brain point, heat, staying out in the sun, infection and the onset of sexual organs. Cholesterol should be checked at the right time. The distortion of the spinal cord should be noted very early. They should apply walking and running regularly. They also may suffer from troubles related to the spinal cord.

They should eat fish, blue fish, and food rich in vitamin A and C (yellow and green plants, carrots, Sardinia).

Physical activity: Bodybuilding

It is said that bodybuilding is the ideal sport for people who are born under the sign of Leo. By strengthening the muscles, this sport gives them the look which everyone would like to have. For women, who don’t want to hear about the “distention” of muscles, it is recommended gymnastics with small weights. Some tips to improve the appearance of breasts: Lie down with your back on the floor, legs bent at the knees and the soles firmly supported on the ground. Put the back and neck well on the floor. Then take two small weights in the hands and slowly lift them from the floor, keeping hands fully extended. Repeat exercise at least twenty times without interrupting. Finally relax and then repeat the exercise.


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