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Adulterers according to the zodiac

Adulterers according to the zodiac

The signs of fire commit adultery because of greed and the desire to show up. Signs of earth do it due to dissatisfaction with the marriage, signs of air because of their curiosity, while the signs of water because of emotions… The twelve signs, each in its own way, experience the fact that their partner is cheating them. However, they are not trustful. We can group the zodiac signs in four groups, without taking into account the difference of each of them, according to these elements – fire, earth, air and water.

signs-of-fireThe signs of fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), are part of the supporters of healthy sexuality, which at first will become adulterous due to the inability to control strong sexual lust (sexual libido), but also due to the fact that they want to be witnessed. For members of all these three signs it can be said that they are hunters who are not calmed by marriage. On the contrary they give a dangerous connotation to adultery.

Since they worship the feeling how the adrenaline is running through the veins, they could not resist the adultery even when they are in love with their partner. It is interesting that at the same time they are very sensitive when it comes to their partner loyalty, primarily because of their ego and excessive pride. Sagittarius is more tolerant than the other two signs. People who belong to Sagittarius are adventurers, who conceive sex as a sport, as a particular exercise for body and soul.

The sign of EarthThe signs of Earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), are very mature and controlled. However, among these signs Taurus makes an exception. It is a travel sign, which the dominator Venus can make the people of this sign be addicted to sex. The prudent Virgo will betray if people of this sign are unhappy with their relationship or marriage, and they will make this in most cases with someone who is not single.

For the cold Capricorn it is said that their sexual appetite increases with the increase of power and its impact. They would be adulterous, as well as the two other signs of earth, when they are unhappy with their marriage, or when they are not aware! Members of these signs would watch the betrayal of a partner very carefully in order to save their marriage; the first would be Virgo, but it will not be as easy as it happens with the signs of air.

AirFor the signs of air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), the mental communication is of a great importance, as they are able to distinguish the emotional betrayal from the physical betrayal.They would forgive to themselves, as well as to their partner, the sex which is made without feelings. But, when they notice that it relates to something else, they will insist on discussing the things in details and decide how things will go further.

In astrology members of the sign of Libra are appreciated as the most important in terms of adultery, due to the fact that they are born as undecided, and also because of the desire they have to please the others. They are pleased when flirting, but often it is not them who can determine how far they will go. The lovely Gemini know how to play with their emotions and sexuality, while some people who belong to Aquarius cheat in the spirit of “children of flowers” which means “ make love, not war”!

Sing of waterThose who belong to signs of water (Cancer, Scorpions and Pisces), are very different among them. However, the strength of feeling is what brings them together and makes them be loyal. They are related because of love and not because of other interests. That is why they will see the betrayal through the optic of the loving person. This, in particular, applies to the sensitive Cancer and Pisces who are adulterers only in exceptional cases and fall in love to someone they want to have “sex en passant” (of course, if it were good!). Scorpions, however, is a story in itself.

This erotic sign can not stand the fact that their loving person deceives, therefore he will not decide so easily to betray. For them marriage is like a blood relation, where each of the ritual words has a special meaning, especially the phrase “… until death separates us!” Among the signs of the zodiac the betrayal champion in a relation is Libra, and it is followed by the signs of fire, Sagittarius is the first.

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